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Lost Highway Status Update

Since I was a young teenager, I have loved (all forms of) country music. I wanted nothing more than a career in the crazy world known as the music business. Along with about 10 years worth of writing for various websites, The Lost Highway blog has helped me realize that goal.  Early this year I was hired to be the content editor of the website I will continue this blog but it will be a part of the new and improved roughstock. Instead of a music website w/o interaction, Roughstock will be all about interaction. Our team has worked tirelessly to make Roughstock, around the web since 1993, a community for country music fans of all types. It’s my hope that any of y’all who have been reading this blog will read the Roughstock site.


Hello country music fans and friends.

Welcome to “The Lost Highway.”  Named after the Hank Williams song (and not the Bon Jovi album about to drop).  I am a life-long fan of country music. Like many kids of the 1980s and 1990s (especially in New York state, where I grew-up), I secretly liked Country until I got to High School.  By that time Grunge was in full effect and I stumbled upon more than just Garth Brooks and Vince Gill.  But the biggest factor was that my older siblings LOVED alt rock (and hair metal) so I rebelled I gess and fell in love with country music.  The song that hooked me was Collin Raye’s “Little Rock.” It hit home for me since it reminded me of my own father’s struggle to give up the bottle.  From there I grew to love everything there is about country.  From the fringes to the mainstream, I pretty much like it all.  Thanks for visiting, I hope you stick around/come back to see my opinions on the latest in country music (or related)