What Country Music Is All About

Bluefield Butterfly.  Image (C)Bluefield

Bluefield – “Butterfly”

(Country Thunder Records)

There are times when I’ve wondered if I have somehow grown too jaded to enjoy country music, then a song comes along and reminds me why I love country music.   Butterfly is one of those songs.  Written by vocalists Rick Ferrell and Jennifer Hicks, the song beautifully discusses, over the course of five minutes, a story of how a young couple unexpectedly finds themselves with the dilemma of unexpected pregnancy.  Where Eric Church‘s “Two Pink Lines”covered similar territory, “Butterfly” goes a different route. 

While the song starts off with the couple planning on aborting the child, it goes on to, in a way that is not preachy at all, find the couple having second thoughts.  The lyrics themselves are so good, so well thought out and the use of the butterfly as a metaphor for an incubating child is a good one.  It’s a powerful song that people on both sides of the abortion debate should be able to appreciate.  Vocally, Rick Ferrell is as strong and unique as he was when he recorded his DreamWorks solo album in the early part of the decade. Former Nashville Star contestent Jennifer Hicks supports him quite well and the duo seamlessly blend their voices well (a la Little Big Town). 

Despite my personal appreciation of this musical masterpiece, I don’t know if radio will ‘get it;’ especially being a five-minute ballad and being pimped by the newish Country Thunder Records.  Still, I hope it at least manages to crack the Country Top 50.  It’s too good of a song to not get a chance.  Perhaps, even a shot at AAA or CCM radio is in order for the song.  It’s too good of a song to not get a chance. 

Grade: A


7 responses to “What Country Music Is All About

  1. Hey there,

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I’m so glad to see others feeling the same way about this song! We’ll get a grassroots thing going to help this little butterfly take off!!

  2. Put it on Myspace and put it on comments of more conservative people like Huckabee!

  3. Regardless of your point of view on the issue, it’s nice to see country music can address things other than drinking and cowboys and such.

  4. I so agree. i could not imagine why this song would not be given a chance to be heard by the public through radio. how beautiful of a song it is. to me it is a refreshing sound and idea to country music. it made me stop and listen when normally i scan right past country stations. the depth in the writing the blending of the two voices, the emotion, and as one comment was made, no drinking, juke boxes, fights.

  5. This is a breath of fresh air into the country music industry that has been hell bent on self destruction for the past 20 or so years. Maybe at last the trend is turning around. Terrific Song by two very talented people.

  6. Good record, Jennifer. Your dad is a friend of mine, and I congratulate both you and him. Now, if you can get enough DJ’s to giv it air timet, you and your singing partner should get the recognition and success you deserve.

  7. Beautifully sung with an affirming approach to a difficult question; let’s get it on the radio!

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