Michael Dean Church – “Why Can’t You Forgive Me?”

Michael Dean Church - “Why Can’t You Forgive Me”

Sometimes a single will come seemingly out of nowhere.  Michael Dean Church’s debut single “Why Can’t You Forgive Me” is one of those songs.  Michael Dean has built a loyal MySpace.com following and with his strong voice, it’s not hard to see why.    “Why Can’t You Forgive Me” is a song with an immediate hook and a humorous lyrics.  The melody is modern and the production is tight and crisp.   If given a chance at radio, Michael Dean Church certainly could have himself a big spring/summer hit.  As it is, the sub-three minute song is impressive.  Check out MySpace and what you will hear are a couple of songs written by popular songwriters like Brett James and Jimmy Wayne.  I have a feeling the young and handsome Church will have himself a big-time record deal sooner rather than later.  Michael Dean Church at least as good as Josh Gracin and Chuck Wicks, if not better. 

Written by Jeb Stuart Anderson and Steve Dukes.

Listen and buy: http://www.myspace.com/michaeldchurch

Grade: B+


4 responses to “Michael Dean Church – “Why Can’t You Forgive Me?”

  1. I like this song but like his slow songs even more

  2. This song is undeniably catchy and fun. It reminds me of Tracy Lawrence’s more serious The Unforgiven, I think it’s called.

  3. Oh yeah, I don’t think the Dixie Chicks can be counted in that list, because I don’t think they’ve necessarily been forgiven by country radio and many country fans who didn’t buy their tickets, which is unfortunate.

  4. yeah i agree i think dixie chicks havent been forgiven but i guess they have been somewhat because people atleast dont absoulutely hate them anymore like they did now they are just pretty much ignored

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