James Otto – “Just Got Started Loving You”

James Otto Single Header

From the time I heard James Otto‘s song “The Ball” on KMPS’ “Test Track” radio segment, I was hooked on the Washington (state) native’s voice.  His smoky, whiskey soaked vocal delivered a lyrical song that, in the hand of a lesser talent, might even have come off ast rite.  That impression was over five years ago.  I reviewed the “Days Of Our Lives” album after the hit single of the same name became a hit.  I loved it and I still don’t understand how his record label, at the time, Mercury Records Nashville, messed up making him a star.  Whatever happened, James, a member of the Muzik Mafia, is back with a John Rich produced record set to be released in the spring by Warner Brothers Nashville.

 “Just Got Started Loving Youis one of those songs that has slowly moved its way up the radio charts.  Seductive and sexy like many of Andy Griggs‘ songs, “Lovin’ You” may just be the song that gets “The Otto Show” off and flying.  The Andy Griggs comparison is a strong one for radio is missing that kind of voice, since they won’t play Griggs himself, but Otto actually has a voice that would sound good singing any genre.  Rich’s production on the song is spot on (as usual) and the mix of Hammond organs, fiddles and noticable steel guitars (not just to ‘make sure it’s country’) is certainly a great way to get a song in my good graces. This is probably the most romantic song on radio since Josh Turner’s “Your Man” was a chart topper back two years ago. 

If you want to hear this song, I suggest going over to iTunes and downloading it for free.  It’s their “Discovery Download” this week after last week featured Ashton Shepherd‘s “Takin’ Off This Pain” as their ‘single of the week.’ 

Grade: A-


5 responses to “James Otto – “Just Got Started Loving You”

  1. “Just got started loving you” is a Sexxxxyy song by a man.

  2. This is an awesome song. His voice is so smooth and sexy. He’s going to be the next Nashville star.

  3. Wow, what a song!! I listen forit on the radio all the time. Going to buy the CD just for this song!!!


  5. James.
    Here’s to you and your success.
    Happy New Year!

    Saw you at the corner bar in Nashville. With the mafia. We are happily tracking the success of the Otto Man. You deserve it all.

    Dru and Pete
    Doppler Creek Music Juno Bch Fl.

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