Ashton Shepherd – “Takin’ Off This Pain”



With the release of this single, Shepherd is one of the critical ‘ones to watch for 2008. Possessing a strong traditional country mentality, Shepherd seems to have fans and the industry abuzz. With a voice like hers, and a song like “pain,” it’s easy to see why. The vocal is strong,t he production is crisp and a lyric that’s Gretchen Wilson-like without the trailer trash mentality.  In the end, this a fine debut single that leaves you waiting with baited breath for Ashton Shepherd’s debut album to drop.

 Grade: B+


4 responses to “Ashton Shepherd – “Takin’ Off This Pain”

  1. woo hoo!! I love this song! Ashton is awesome!!

  2. I love this song. I can’t wait to get her album!

  3. I got this off itunes hears unheard based on several blog recommendations. It was ninety-nine cents well spent. Keep it up, kid.

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