“I Remember (It’s Happening Again)”

I Remember (It’s Happening Again)

(Griffin House) 

Well my grandpa fought in World War 2, my uncle fought in ‘Nam

My father was too young he went to school and met my mom

Her dad always told us stories around dinner time

And there’s one he told when I was young that sticks out in my mind

He said 10 years after daddy taught me about the birds and bees

I was stranded in Pearl Harbor fighting the Japanese

When the kamikaze pilots came and dove in without warning

I was on the Arizona on a warm December morning

I remember when I was a younger man

We were solders fighting in a foreign land

Now I’m older and it’s happening again

It was hard to have forgiveness for the things they did that day

And our president decided we should make their people pay

So we dropped on Nagasaki and we cut them down to size

And the one we drop on Hiroshima left them vaporized

And I heard some Christians say “What would Jesus do?”

What if you were on the wrong side would he point the gun at you?

And they read through every word of Matthew, mark, Luke and john

So they could see if killing was the side that Christ was on

I remember when I was a younger man

We were solders fighting in a foreign land

Now I’m older and it’s happening again

They separate the church and state and keep god out of the schools

So our governments can educate based upon their rules

But people start to wonder if our politics make sense

When religion is our best excuse for national defense

And when our citizens start to saying that our wars are not ok

And Washington keeps telling them “God loves the USA”

They teach us history so we can learn from our mistakes

And this generation wants to know how many years it takes

To change the way we treat our neighbors all across the land

‘Cause if we don’t change our hearts, we repeat the past again

I remember when I was a younger man

We were solders fighting in a foreign land

Now I’m older and it’s happening again

(Instrumental break)

When my grandpa finished talking, we went walking he and I

I was thinking of the future and how scared I was to die

Now my best friend’s overseas in the desert where it’s dry

Fighting for our country and I need a reason why

I remember when he was a younger man

Now he’s a soldier fighting in a foreign land

Now we’re older, God bring him home again.


(C) Griffin House.  the lyric is presented based on blog’s own interpretation of the lyric. All copyrights are held by the songwriter and not the blog owner.  The blog will remove the lyric at any request by songwriter and/or copyright rights manager.


10 responses to ““I Remember (It’s Happening Again)”

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  2. This song…this artist has so much to offer us. I hope this song reaches many people.

  3. The song is okay, but being a historian and an educator i noticed immediately the factual inaccuracies that are present inb the lyrics. Namely the presence of kamikazes at Pearl Harbor, kamikaze divisions were not formed until 1944 and the only incident of a pilot who crashed his plane on December 7, 1941 and had previously stated that he would crash into a “worthy enemy target” if he was hit and would go down anyways was First Lieutenant Fusata Iida an his plane his the Kaneohe Naval Air Station which is no where near the final resting place of the USS Arizona, Also the suggestion that because of the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese the US bombed Nagasaki and vaporized Hiroshima…that shows a complete lack of understanding of the long term deliberation and consideration of options that went into making the final decision to bomb small cities that were military targets in an effort to force Japan to surrender. After the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa the US realized that the Japanese would fight to the death and had no intention of surrendering…they had 1 million or more soldiers left and it would have cost at least a million US lives to defeat them by way of an invasion. Note the fact we did not drop either bomb on Tokyo even though we could have, nor did we burn entire cities using Bat Bombs, although they were operational and when tested highly effective.

  4. Ok, seriously, its a song. Historical inaccuracies? Try listening to the meaning…I’m pretty sure the point of this song is not that kamikazes killed Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers at Pearl Harbor, rather its examining the fact that war still exists in our society…

  5. Chase, I agree with you. I understand that there may be historical inaccuracies, but by pointing these out, Tim, you are missing the meaning of the song. As the daughter and sister of soldiers, one of whom is currently in Iraq, this song holds a lot of meaning for me. I’m sure it does for others, too. Enjoy the song for its meaning, that’s what music is meant for.

  6. I love thing song! I heard it on the radio at work and wrote it down so I could see who it was when I got home.
    I have some thing to stay about Tim’s post though:
    “Unprovoked” attack by the Japanese? For 12 years, it was the deliberate and cruel policy of putting an oil embargo on Japan for little reason by FDR until they got fed up. FDR was dying to enter the war, and ignored the countless intelligence signs that pointed to an attack.
    Yes, a lot of time and labor went into the decision to drop the atomic bombs – by everyone except Preisdent Truman; all of the top generals and advisors opposed it. Japan had been willing surrender for a year, but we wouldn’t let them. Our policy of “unconditional surrender” where they had to dismantle their whole “backwards” political system and basically suck up to us could only be achieved by literally vaporizing 200,000 CIVILIANS in 3 days. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not military targets, and the reason we didn’t go after Tokyo was because Tokyo already lay in shambles after 2 and a half of intense firebombing. The a-bombs were dropped, the Soviets were scared and built up their own, and Japan became just another chesspiece in America’s empire of bases. Millions dead, Europe in ruins, stable countries in ashes, a resurgent and aggressive Soviet Union, and the continuation of Presidents justifying horrendous acts and suspension of civil liberties in the name of national security (Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Truman, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush…) Was it worth it?

  7. Robert is exactly right. The Japanese were provoked into doing what they did, and not only that, one of the Navy Admirals at the time admitted that FDR knew Japan was about to launch an attack on Pearl Harbor ahead of time and did nothing.

    The rest is “history.” We entered what was an unpopular war to enter before that attack. Much like 9/11 and Iraq and the proposed linkage there. Not only was there zero linkage, but I have serious questions about 9/11 that remain unanswered. Maybe history will get it right eventually, or maybe, like the song says, the government will just teach us their history for so long until the real history is stamped out and forgotten altogether.

  8. Dude, including Lincoln on your list of presidents “justifying horrendous acts? That’s wacky. Quit reading kooky stuff…and believing it all.

  9. Having seen Griffin perform, the song is based on the stories that his grandfather told him…and he sites that there are inacuracies and hyperbole in his grandfather’s account of his role in the war. Griffin said his grandfather told him that he had “shot Hitler, and had his moustace in his back pocket”. So, yes, historic accuracy is not present here, but the sentiment of the lyric and the song are the important thing.

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